You want to automate a process? We have the solution!

Automation is how our company came into existence and became what it is today. The founder and managing director Günther Tausch is a graduate engineer for automation technology. The first orders did not involve the development and production of an entire machine but the regulation and control system for monitoring a fish farm. In the meantime, we have also realised numerous aquaculture and aquaponic plants outside Germany. In addition, the control and regulation technology and software for the weirs and locks on the Moselle and Saar rivers also originates from us. But water is not our only element. We have also realised bio-gas plants, pumping stations and wind power plants. Ultimately, we are absolutely open to all sectors in this area as well.


We have been implementing regulation and control systems for monitoring aquaculture systems since our company was founded. In the meantime, we have also realised numerous aquaculture and aquaponic plants outside Germany.

weirs / sluices

Since 2004, we have been working with various water and navigation authorities to develop or renew the software and hardware of various weirs and sluices. For example, the weirs / sluices on the Moselle and Saar have passed through our hands.

"Impossible is not an option!"

A small excerpt of our automation orders of the past years:

For the protection of our customers, we ask for your understanding that we can only provide a limited view of our realised works.

Always By Your Side!

For us, automation means turning your idea into reality. We do everything ourselves, from the electrical design to the procurement of materials, from the construction of the control cabinet to installation at your site, software development and commissioning. After commissioning, we will of course accompany you with your new system, even around the clock if necessary.

our services in the field of automatisation

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